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Fernando Alonso wins hallucinatory 6h of Spa, Vandoorne on the podium

c35635e3944ed7308674f57617c427ae - Fernando Alonso wins hallucinatory 6h of Spa, Vandoorne on the podium

Fernando Alonso together with team-mates Buemi and Nakajima the 6h of Spa was won. By the victory crowns of the three riders is also a champion. The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne finished during his WEC debut, immediately on the stage.

Despite the snow that in the morning there was started the 6h of Spa under a radiant sun. That sun, however, remained not long, as the riders were already an intense rainstorm process, something that throughout the 6h of Spa often would happen.

Due to the intense rain, and at times even snow, it gave the riders more than once the safety car for their job. When the safety car on the track was kept for the riders to be very tricky on the partly wet track. Arranged was also wrong.

More than once, was the error in the measurement for the famous ‘La Source bend’.

Even two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso, who eventually the race would win, allowed himself to be caught in a serious shunt.

A few hours late in the race gave our fellow countryman Stoffel Vandoorne in an interview. For Vandoorne was his debut in the WEC, a racing series in which he better show what he can do. For Vandoorne was already enjoyed a debut in the WEC.

At Toyota, everything went meanwhile not completely problem free. The Toyota # 7 had a problem with a sensor that gives a great deal of precious time was lost. No dubbeloverwinning so for Toyota in Spa.

At the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps were the riders and fans in a few hours time, all types of precipitation. It prevented Alonso eventually’t under mind-blowing conditions the 6h of Spa on his name.

After, shortly before the end of a safety car period had been allowed to the riders again to go to the limit but with even a handful of minutes on the clock began again, very hard to snow, and showed the end of the red flag.

Alonso, Buemi and Nakajima win so the 6h of Spa and the crowns are so also to champion. The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne finished together with Aleshin and Petrov as third on the podium.

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