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Domino’s Pizza gets in the block chain, business, and uses Ethereum-based Token

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Domino’s Pizza gets in the block chain, business, and uses Ethereum-based Token

Home News Domino’s Pizza rises in the block chain, business, and use Ethereum-based Token

Marcus Misiak –

Some of the delivery services around the world have already been a foot in the crypto market. For example, it has long been possible to pay at delivery hero with Bitcoin. Domino’s Pizza wants to use the Blockchain and is therefore a partnership with a Tech company.

Domino’s Pizza in Malaysia and Singapore, would like to in the future put on the Blockchain technology and crypto-currencies, as well as the artificial intelligence to improve the supply chain. SingularityNET, the AI provides services that relies on the Blockchain and the AGI Token, based on the Ethereum. In a new press release, the company describes that it will use its technology for the control of artificial intelligence in combination with the native ERC20 Utility Token and AGI, the Expansion of Domino’s in Malaysia and Singapore translated to ounce of support (free):

SingularityNET provides the areas of the company, a way to avoid a tradeoff between growth and efficiency, by integrating our unique Algorithms in our AGI Ecosystem.

The company goes on to state that the Blockchain is an ideal tool to manage network transactions on SingularityNET. The Framework must, however, be designed in such a way that AI-agents, and the run Smart Contracts on the platform, may interact with internal as well as external customers. Dominoes may, therefore, replace with “utility-Token” data between the supplier and the end customer, in order to optimize the logistics along the entire supply chain and streamline. Ba u Shan-Ting, CEO of Domino’s in Malaysia that he expects to achieve considerable savings and better function, flow (freely translated):

Our latest transformation efforts taking place in our operating function, we automate essential parts of our delivery processes and our operations centers to consolidate. The AI Algorithms and services of SingularityNET will allow us to examine this efficiency on a large scale.

Dominos is expanding across the world and in Singapore and Malaysia, a total of more than 260 branches, around 4,000 employees. Malaysia continues to be one of the Blockchain Hotspots in the world. According to a report from “The sun”, the government intends to strengthen Melaka Straights City a destination for “crypto-newbie” in the cash through a crypto-currency called DMI is replaced (freely translated):

DMI is a company, the enterprise mobile, Business Intelligence and Cybersecurity services, and in the case of this project, with the Melaka Straits City. Visitors will be able to exchange normal money against DMI-coins, if you arrive in the city.

It is important to understand for visitors to use, how this process works in Detail. Here you are dedicated as you to use during your stay, the “DMI-coin” to pay in-Restaurant or for other services. In the world similar projects are underway, however, to ascend Melaka Straights City, the first Blockchain-city in Asia.

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