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Charleroi wins best in Play-off 2

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Charleroi has a gold case made in the battle for the lead in group A of Play off 2. It knocked the leader Sint-Truiden 2-0 and it counts as a tip more than the Truienaars.

As a winner in Play-off 2. Sint-Truiden came to her first place in group 1 defend on the field of Charleroi. The Carolo photos – with Maxime Busi as a surprise in the team – had to win to keep their chances on the final of Play-off 2 to defend.

The home team could not better start. Mmaee missed more of the ball and Hendrickx shot the ball central to the goal. Goalkeeper Pirard looked not too well off at that stage.

STVV responded too quickly, but the shot of The Sart was about. Just before, had Mmaee also all yellow caught, and when he moments later, a very showy (and stupid) applied for a second yellow card, had to Marc Brys already intervene. He brought the young Belgian – who is stunned by the fact – already after a half hour to the side. The sunken De Bruyn went higher play and Endo came to central in the back.

It was not to see that Sint-Truiden wanted to win: they left a lot of spaces in between the lines and showed some of the sloppiness that we’re not of the Canaries. That STVV for rest no time between the posts in her lap, was not surprising. It was Charleroi that the nearest to the 2-0 came, but Pirard had this time a good reflex in the house on the attempt of Morioka.

Three Times Pirard

We had expected that Sint-Truiden would respond after rest, but the Truienaars remained in the same bed, sick. Charleroi hustle and STVV should Pirard, thanks to which he in a span of three minutes as many parades had in the house: he floated a stroke of Morioka from the corner, ranselde a volley of the same Morioka from goal and he stood on a volley from Osimhen. The topschutter of Charleroi scored even more, but the Nigerian was offside on a cross from Ilaimaharitra.

As the party progressed, began to Sint-Truiden, belgium to print – finally, you might think. To real opportunities led to the not, though if Charleroi the butt Zajkov to thank him, when a shot from De Bruyn seemed to go. The sunken Thallyson, which debuted at STVV, also found on the legs of Nurio still on the way to goal.

On a counter made of Charleroi still 2-0 through Nurio and could Sint-Truiden the books. The victory takes Charleroi the leadership of STVV in group A. With three matches to go, counting the Carolo’s a tip more.

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