At least eight dead in India after the passage of cyclone Fani

58a4c5d42c03bbcba0a1680334708a4b - At least eight dead in India after the passage of cyclone Fani

The passage of cyclone Fans in India at least eight people killed, as report in the local media.

The tropical hurricane, with winds of up to 205 kilometres of land in the east of India, attracts, meanwhile, is in bright watered-down form continued in the direction of Bangladesh.

Fani came Friday morning local time on land near the Indian city of Puri, as the strongest cyclone in about 20 years. More than 3.5 people were evacuated in the coastal areas of the eastern state of Odisha. In particular, there is property damage such as collapsed houses and afgeknapte power poles.

Meanwhile, Fani still but wind speeds of about 100 kilometers per hour. It is expected that the storm will be attenuated when the nucleus Bangladesh reached.

Cyclones are more common in the bay of Bengal, especially from april to november. Fani is the strongest cyclone in the area since 1999, when more than 10,000 people were killed in Odisha. The wind took out when speeds of up to 260 kilometers per hour. Since then, the security measures in the state of bright improved.

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