Ann Van Elsen: ‘I feel every minute guilty”

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Ann Van Elsen picks up on her social media with a compelling message about motherhood and the upbringing of her children. Ann Van Elsen is a happy mama, let there be no doubt about that. But Ann has troubles just like other mom’s with the way they her children a good education and also still has a life. Recently put Dina Tersago a message online in which they made it about the guilt that she regularly has to deal with. Dina has a busy life and see her children often. And also Ann Van Elsen struggling with certain feelings and discomforts. “I ploeter more than that the bolt”, Ann writes on Instagram. “I don’t think there are enough hours to my sleep deprivation to catch up and they can darn very ungrateful,” writes Ann. And with ‘they’ mean the presenter, of course, her children. They regularly stressful moments in the house Of Elsen. “Listening is not in their dictionary and I fall everyday more in repetition than FC The Champions” laughs Ann. “Every day I go as a mom in the error, and I think: this I can do no more. I hear myself busy at the kids and think to myself: shit, I sound like that parent that I never would be.”
No nice words out of the mouth of a mummy. Fortunately, Ann one and the other would fit and they try the positive. “But also I learn and give myself a little more credit.” And also the children of Ann to learn from the uncomfortable moments in the family life. “I teach our kids that we don’t have the perfect life. And they teach me what unconditional love is. The purest form that exists.”

Ann focuses her message to her children. “I see you literally doodgraag, I’d have my own heart to that of you to rescue: a no-brainer! But I see you also like to slightly snorting in your bed and lie down and flop than with a lot of fun in the chair, 5 minutes later, just as you, slightly snoring.”

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