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Who is the fastest woman in the W Series?

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This coming weekend is the so far, the first racing series exclusively with women at the start pulls are underway in Hockenheim. The Dutch Beitske Visser may already be one of the favorites count.

Saturday will be the first race to be driven in the W series as part of the program of the opening weekend of the DTM. After the first test days will be three names to the front as a favorite: Jamie Chadwick, Marta Garcia and Beitske Visser.

Marta Garcia was part of the junior program of Renault but her career in the Formula series turned for the last time on the back burner due to money problems. Completely different is the new W series because the participation is free of charge and the prize money for the title amounts to a half a million dollars.

Jamie Chadwick won the first woman since sixty-five years a race in the British Formula 3 championship.

Beitske Visser is currently connected to BMW as juniorrijder and if reserverijder for the fabrieksformatie in the Formula E. She looks forward to the start of the new W Series.

“I am very excited,” said Visser, as opposed to ‘AutoBild.’ “The top five was the test drives really close to each other and even behind that there is the gap not really big.”

The W Series is not everywhere with open arms welcomed, Sophia Floersch has criticised the new racing series. She thinks it’s not a good solution to keep the women separate from the men, but there is a Fisherman don’t agree with that.

“There is currently no woman in the Formula 1,” the Dutch further. “There is no idol for young girls that they can flip in the motorsport. In motorsports, it goes everywhere to get money and you don in the W Series, not to worry about. This is a great opportunity for us to improve and our dreams.”

The dream of the Fisherman is clear: the Formula 1 to achieve. “It is still my dream to Formula 1 to achieve and that will always remain so. But I also feel good with BMW in the area of the DTM and the Formula E.”

“It’s all our goal, to win the championship, but besides the job, we may well with each other,” concludes Visser.

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