Venezuela asks US for the embassy in Washington to protect

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The Venezuelan government has Thursday the United States asked for its embassy in Washington to protect. That has Foreign Affairs minister Jorge Arreaza said. The question came shortly after an incident at the building between supporters and opponents of the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro.

‘We requirements of the American ministry of Foreign Affairs that it is fulfilling its commitments as a signatory of the Vienna convention on diplomatic relations and the building of the embassy of Venezuela in Washington protects, “”as also our government,” the infrastructure of the United States in Caracas, protects, writes Arreaza on Twitter.

Since three weeks the embassy day and night, occupied by ultra-left groups and peace activists, who jointly declare with Maduro. Thursday took the police three people after a group of Venezuelans activists had attacked that food is the building tried to smuggle.

The four-storey building in the American capital is a symbol of the impasse between the government of socialist president Nicolas Maduro and the self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido, that the United States and over 50 other countries and is recognized. In January had Maduro diplomatic ties with the USA broken after Washington’s opponent Juan Guaido approved and ordered the closing of the Venezuelan embassy and all consulates on American soil.

Spain refuses to extradite opposition leader

Spain, meanwhile, does not know of an extradition of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López, who are the refuge has sought to the Spanish embassy in Caracas. The government in Madrid said in a message to the authorities of Venezuela that they must calculate that the inviolability of the diplomatic mission is respected, so messages Spanish media Thursday. López, in turn, thanked the embassy that to him as ‘guest’.

Shortly before, had the Venezuelan court, an arrest warrant was issued against Leopoldo López. This gave to the intelligence service (Sebin) the command to the leader of the opposition to pick up and convey them to the military prison of Ramo Verde.

López is the founder of the opposition party Voluntad Popular, and was since 2014 in the cell, when protests against the government more than forty people were killed. A court sentenced him to a term of imprisonment of 14 years because of incitement to violence. According to human rights organizations and several foreign governments, it was a political process. In July 2017, his prison sentence converted to house arrest.

Tuesday morning, in the middle of the power struggle in Venezuela, López out of his house arrest, was freed by soldiers for the opposition were defecting. He was then in a video message to on the side of the self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido, president Nicolas Maduro of the power trying to expel. After the planned coup against the government of Maduro failed, sought López protection in the Spanish embassy.

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