Trumps favorite economist turned out to be misogyn for the job

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For president Trump, he was the perfect candidate to be the U.s. Central Bank in the pass. But many vrouwonvriendelijke statements do Stephen Moore’s tie.

‘Female proftennissers don’t want equal pay for equal work. They want equal pay for inferior work.’ Wrote Stephen Moore in 2000 in his column for National …

‘Female proftennissers don’t want equal pay for equal work. They want equal pay for inferior work.’ Wrote Stephen Moore in 2000 in his column for National Review, a conservative American magazine. In so doing, Moore clearly what he thought of an ad campaign by Nike in which female athletes complained that they were paid less than their male counterparts. “There is a practical reason why Pete Sampras (former number 1 in the mannentennis, ed.) much more deserving than Martina, graf reached her first (former number 1 in the vrouwentennis, red.): he is much, much better than they are. The day Martina the storage of Pete can return, is the day when they have just as much merit as he was.”

When he wrote, there were only words of a conservative economist, active in conservative think-tanks and in Club for Growth, an advocacy group that he founded and that works to limit the government. But the last month was that the words of someone who is a candidate for a seat in the board of directors of the Federal Reserve, the powerful Us Central bank.

Moore was the favourite candidate of president Trump for that post. “I’ve known Steve for a very long time and I have no doubt that he is an excellent choice,” tweette the president. The economist responded to the tweet with a tweet: “Thank you for the opportunity to serve, and for your diligent efforts to the U.s. economic engine to get rid of a overheidsoverheersing and oppression!’

A real Trump-fan

That Trump prefer Moore in the Fed saw, should not be a surprise. Trump from continuous criticism on the setting, that wars of politics its own course. Especially the interest rate policy of the Fed is a thorn in Trumps eye. The Fed was that interest rates, which during the depression on a bodempeil was held to give the economy a boost, gradually on the increase, to the great annoyance of the president. Who is of the opinion that interest rate increases the economic growth harm. The white house put Fed chairman Jerome Powell repeatedly and openly under pressure by asking for the interest again to reduce it (in the meantime, Powell further rate hikes shelved).

And let Stephen Moore there now just feel the same way as the president. “The Fed sucks the oxygen out of the economy,” he wrote, still in march, reports the New York Times. In march, he wrote in a op-ed in The Wall Street Journal that the Fed is ‘a threat to growth’.

Moore is also a real Trump fan. With ‘Trumponomics ” he wrote even a book about the economic policies of the president. Who called it “an incredible book about my economic policies” – an accolade which Moore would like to extract. By such a loyalist to the Fed to drop would Trump his influence on the Fed increase. It brings the independence of the Fed further into danger, to the disgust of IMF-topvrouw Christine Lagarde and ECB boss Mario Draghi.

Faulty statements

Since his nomination bekendraakte, however, began all the vrouwonvriendelijke statements of Moore on diving. Of above, about the toptennissers, there is only one from the range. In another column, he took on what he ‘radical feminism’. Thus, it is acceptable to continue that male university students in their academic years if pigs behave, also to women. That belongs to an adult, claimed he. ‘If they are still as oppressed and insulted by excited guests from student clubs’, quotes the Washington Post to him, ‘why did they on Friday nights than en masse with short skirts on that zuipfeestjes?’ Recently, he made himself openly to press about the fact that some men have too little would earn in comparison with women.

These statements pursued him greatly. In such a way that even congressmen from Trumps own republican party are against his candidacy began to speak. The White House had ultimately never even an official nomination for him. Himself declared Moore his statements as jokes that have to been taken seriously. He also recognised that he is ‘stupid things’ had said in the past, but pointed out that it was on statements from nearly twenty years ago. His general defence was that it was to be ‘a karaktermoord of the left because they disagreed with his economic beliefs.

Towel in the ring

After weeks of turmoil pulls Moore to his candidacy now. In a letter to Trump, he thanked the president for his nomination, and he sang its praises again the praise of Trumps policy, that according to him in particular would be successful. ‘The Trumponomics have proven themselves, ” he wrote. At the same time, he asked for his nomination to withdraw. “The incessant attacks on my person are has become untenable for me and my family. This three months would be too much for us.” Trump tweette that the ‘great progroeieconoom and really good person’ had withdrawn.

At the end of april also drew all of Herman Cain, a choice of Trump for the Fed, withdrew. He said that he was at the Fed too little would deserve. “I’m pretty sure that if your boss is a similar looninlevering would imagine, you would say where they could walk,” he wrote in a blog post. By his nomination, stories about sexual misconduct to return to the surface, in 2011, his campaign for the presidency has already plummeted. Cain has allegations still denied.

On the pro-Trump tv channel Fox News said of Moore that he ‘bummed out’ about the whole affair. “I hate to give up,” he said. “I’m not a quitter. So I’m sorry about.’

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