Studio Brussel launches Ramadamadingdong

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On Sunday, may 5, starts the muslim community on ramadan: the annual month of fasting. From Tuesday, 7 may, Studio Brussel Ramadamadingdong, a radio program that during ramadan, every Tuesday young people together from sunset to midnight.

Jan Van Biesen, nethoofd Studio Brussels:”With Ramadamadingdong we want to be at the hand of entertainment an unfiltered insight into contemporary muslim origin, and that’s only if your guests like the Lamrabro’s a proprietary platform.”
The program is carried by three brothers: Rachid, Mous and Sef Lamrabat. For five weeks, they invite every Tuesday guests to join with them to eat and to speak about topics that interest them. They also play their favorite hip-hop and electro tracks.

Rachid, the oldest of the brothers, runs a private marketing and is the author of the book: “Etnomarketing, the confidence of the new consumer’ that was awarded to the best marketingboek of 2018.

Rachid Lamrabat:”for years, I disseminate the message to connect with the various communities and especially to the effort to do to understand each other. I help companies and organizations like to make this a reality.”
Younger brother Mous is a successful fashion photographer who, with his typical style, already campaigns for Nike, Puma and the African Nataal knew how to snares. He has almost 32,000 followers on Instagram and completed a month ago, has its own ‘ international exhibition ‘Mousganistan’, in his hometown Sint-Niklaas.

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