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StuBru around criticism program about ramadan: ‘Designed to enable people to be brought closer together’

Radio station Studio Brussel will be during the month of ramadan every Tuesday a program broadcasting between sunset to midnight, about how muslims in Belgium, the ramadan experience. The announcement provokes social media criticism.

The muslim community will start Sunday again with his annual month of fasting. Who will this year focus on Studio Brussel, for five weeks every Tuesday between sunset and midnight the program ‘Ramadamadingdong’ will be broadcast, a show that is presented by the three brothers Rachid, Mous and Sef Lamrabat.

The three brothers are themselves muslims, and use that background often also in their professional activities, where they try to bridge the gap between the muslim origin and the western culture. Rachid has a private marketing agency that helps companies to take greater account of the immigrant consumer. Mous is a fashion photographer and has worked for Nike and Puma, but also for The Standard Magazine. Sef finally, is a graphic designer and has his own clothing line.

The idea for the program is, however, not of them, but it was pitched during a creative brainstorming session of the VRT. ‘There, ” someone said immediately that he has three interesting brothers who were working on various creative projects. We have them contacted and they were immediately enthusiastic”, says Jan Van Biesen, nethoofd of Studio Brussels.

That the three are not experienced broadcasters, is not an obstacle. “We are going to them proper advice and guidance during the making of the show. Through their professional activities, they know themselves, and how the public must speak and an audience to serve.”

The three will be during the program not only select the music, but also a few invite guests for iftar, the meal after sunset. During dinner they will answer all the questions that their guests or the listeners have about the ramadan.

Under more nieuwsanker Goedele Guards, former sportster and televisiemaakster Elodie Ouédraogo, and the dj’s Faisal and Hakim Chatar will make their appearance in the program, and they will during the day also fasting. The guests are a mix of medemoslims and purebred Flemish.

‘Rachid, Mous and Sef have chosen any guests they invite. They are people of whom we know that they nice radio. They also have different backgrounds, because the idea is that we have a broad program, for men and women”, says Van Biesen.

Criticism was taken into account

The initiative of the radio station is, however, not appreciated by everyone. ‘The propagation of islam belongs until further notice, not to the core tasks of the VRT,’ says Flemish Interest president Tom Van Grieken. He finds that the VRT is a hype creates around the ramadan”, while in islamic countries, muslims who do not follow the islamic vastenregels keep unceremoniously in the cell to be thrown, or be assaulted’.

Also under the aankondigingsvideo on the private Facebook page of Studio Brussel’s raining the negative reactions of listeners who find that religion has no place on their radio station. Those comments are not always very politely formulated. “We appreciate all of the opinions on this item, but do this in a respectful way. Offensive or discriminatory comments will be removed”, sounds the call of the socialemediamanager.

That criticism would come on the program had Van Biesen have expected. “It would be naive to think that no response would come. There will always be people who do not agree with the music we run, or the people we invitation, and so on, that we are now just.’

‘It is a pity that this initiative is politically hijacked, because for us this is not a religious program, but just a fun show with great music where is a place for different opinions. The intention is not that the people further uiteendrijft, but closer together. We are still behind the program.”

The program ‘Ramadamadingdong’ is broadcast on Tuesday 7 may, from 21.11 pm, Tuesday, may 14, 21.22 hrs, Tuesday 21 may, 21.32 hrs, Tuesday, 28 may, 21: 40 hours, and Tuesday, June 4, from 21.48 hours, until midnight.

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