Staf Coppens comes with 6-year-olds ‘sneukelen’ in Jens Dendoncker

09a03b1c745920d99609cabc90add073 - Staf Coppens comes with 6-year-olds 'sneukelen' in Jens Dendoncker

On average, 634.000 viewers followed the last week together with Staf Coppens, how 5 – and 6-year-olds behave when no one is looking. That Promises For Later knew as a share of 40,7% (VVA 18-54, live +2) to palms. On Saturday, may 4, calls the Staff on the help of his good friend Jens Dendoncker, to bring the children to a new test to topics. And who is Jens says, says sneukelen…

Jens has Staff together with Saar (5, Oostakker), Rens (6, Kalmthout) and Cataleya (6, Kluisbergen) invited in his restaurant. He has 3 days in the pots stirred to a tasty soup to make. “An inspector will decide whether I get the prize for ‘best soup in the world,” win”, he tells proudly. That is, however, outside Staff numbered all very aware of… in the soup run. Jump to the children before him in the breach, or they may remain in all the circumstances fair? To their parents in the studio to correctly estimate.

How curious can a 6-year-olds? In his villa full of surprises, take Staff to the test. He let Saar, Rens, and Cataleya alone with a bell where they are not under watch. How long they keep that full? Rod shows his 3 kids were also proud of his newest purchase: a magical photocopier. Who confronts them with a major dilemma.

That Promises for Later, Saturday at 20.25 on VTM.

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