Sergio Herman and Axel Daeseleire program for VTM

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The Thai kitchen, the Mexican kitchen, the Japanese kitchen: we all know them, or that we think anyway. But how much do we know there actually really from? Driesterrenchef Sergio Herman and globetrotter Axel Daeseleire look soon further than the noodles, the nachos, and the sushi. For a new VTM program, they travel together around the world to delve into the most popular world cuisines. An adventurous road trip, a true globetrotter and a wereldchef, which, surprisingly enough, not much of the world has seen. But a trip between two strong personalities who together a lot of fun to experience.

After 25 years in his own kitchen pulls Sergio finally the world to return to the basics of the most popular world cuisines. Experienced traveller Axel takes him in tow to countries of which the name alone makes your mouth water. Thailand, India, and Japan to Mexico, Norway and Sicily. There trials Sergio and Axel not only the classics, but also new flavors and products with an extra dimension. And it’s not taste alone. At the end of each trip processed Sergio all inspiration in their own, unique dishes. That gives even a michelin-starred chef of stress, especially if he has to cook for a group hyperperfectionistische Japanese.

During their trip to immerse the men are also under in the couleur locale of the country. That appears to be the one to be a greater discovery than for the other. The duo shuns on their culinary voyage of discovery, no risk. So testing them on a Japanese vroegmarkt the deadly puffer fish, which every year 50 people in Japan poisons, and Axel in India felled by the extremely spicy dishes. Even the best couples will be on a trip already on the test. That is also what happens when Axel sinning against Sergio’s culinary honor.

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