Pelosi accuses attorney general john van ‘crime’

1f14afa6dd5b12a6eab78b0c5dd4862b - Pelosi accuses attorney general john van ‘crime’

The president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, last Thursday, in Washington, the American attorney general, William Barr accused against the Congress to have lied. “That is a crime.’

‘The attorney general john of the United States told the Congress, not the truth. That is a criminal act”, stressed the Democrate with the highest rank.

Pelosi was referring with her accusation to the hearing of Barr Wednesday for the Justice committee of the Senate. There he had taken a stand in questions about his handling of the report of special investigator Robert Mueller about Russian interference in the American presidential election of 2016. Several Democratic members of parliament demanded after the hearing of the resignation of the minister of Justice.

Barr has not only his loyalty to president Donald Trump, over his official obligations, but also given preference to his personal interests, said Pelosi. They called the gun lobby and the oil and gas industry as examples.

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