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Newsflash: Bitcoin Bullrun, Litecoin to$ 1,000, Stellar Development Kit

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Newsflash: Bitcoin Bullrun, Litecoin to$ 1,000, Stellar Development Kit

Home News Newsflash: Bitcoin Bullrun, Litecoin to$ 1,000, Stellar Development Kit

Marcus Misiak –

The short-term upturn can a lot of Bitcoin investors are hoping that the dizzying forecasts of new Bitcoin-highs may actually occur. The supposed indictment of Tether and Bitfinex had not shaken the market too much, as some experts was adopted. Tom Lee describes that the bear market is finally over, if the crypto market will survive such an event without apparent harm (course drop).

The founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano is also bullish, and believes that Bitcoin has as a single digital Asset, the Chance to rise strongly in value. In his opinion, BTC could reach in the next 5 years, between 110,000 to $ 275,000.

A new report by the cryptographic research company Delphi Digital describes that Bitcoin has reached the ground, and a new Bitcoin Bullrun.

On the other hand, however, there are also Economists who say that is not as High as in 2017, come back and the bubble will burst. Crypto-critics Nouriel Roubini is not against Octavian, that for him a new Bullrun is out of the question (freely translated):

The peak of this bubble in 2017. At the beginning of this year, Bitcoin has about a $ 1,000 value. At the summit it was almost $ 20,000 value. This year alone, it increased by 20 times. It had nothing to do with fundamentals. It was not a major means of payment. There is no better unit of account. It was not a stable store of Value. It was just so, that at one time Bitcoin was excited.

Typical bubbles in the late Phase, exponentially, because people – discover typically smaller private investors – the bubbles and due to intense FOMO (fear of Failure) shopping. If insiders sell at inflated prices to unsuspecting outsiders, this is the culmination of a typical bubble.

Charlie Lee thought the LTC to 1,000 USD rises

On a question and answer session at the investment company Morgan Creek, the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee was asked why he sold his LTC for$ 300 per Coin. He had translated a clear answer (free):

I actually thought that it would continue to rise. I thought that this would be the climax … I thought it would reach $ 1,000.

However, Lee admits that he can say no prices, and therefore, in the future, no price statements, and more. Pompliano not also indicate that price forecasts are conducive to the market, but the Hype will generate and the actually important, the technology fades into the Background (freely translated):

We probably have seen the floor already. But how many people in Crypto have learned, is a fool’s game, when trying to determine this stuff. So we will see how it goes.

Stellar introduces new development kit

The Team of the Stellar Foundation has released a new Software Tool for employees and companies, to Stellar builds (freely translated):

[The package] provides client access to a Stellar Horizon Server. You can retrieve the Ledger information, either as single calls or as a constantly updated Stream. You can find account balances, the Status of a transaction check in real time and new offers for an issued Token monitor. You can also submit transactions! The Client supports all of the REST endpoints provided by the Horizon-API.

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