Large parties receive heavy blows in local elections in England and Northern Ireland

303fe31465d6f6cfe00c3505bf0dbc58 - Large parties receive heavy blows in local elections in England and Northern Ireland

The two largest parties, Labour and Conservative Party, the account presented of the long Brexit negotiations. They lose heavily in local elections in England and Northern Ireland. The small parties and independent candidates to take advantage of them.

The first results predict a heavy loss for the largest parties. Labour lost so far all 77 seats, the Tories 336. Voters are frustrated by the Brexit, which keeps on lasting, and make that clear to feel in the voting booth. It is mainly the party of premier May that the largest losses have to swallow. Also Labour are suffering from the chaos that is the Brexit risk. The party is divided between members who are pro-Europe and pro-Brexit.

The winners of this election were the smaller parties, especially the pro-European Liberal Democrats, who 251 additional seats won. Also the Greens won, to a lesser extent. They got 34 extra seats. Independent candidates could 192 seats compete with larger parties. The Brexit Party of Nigel Farage and the pro-EU Change UK group does not come at the local elections. They put everything in the European elections of may 23.


The British had the EU actually on the 29th of march to leave, but the negotiation delays. May got her deal with the EU three times, did not vote in the parliament. As a result, a pair of time delay required. Europe did eventually with the postponement to October 31, May wish actually at the end of June, the ultimate deadline. To endless negotiations about the postponement to avoid, was an additional 4 month promised, but that is to say that the British may have to participate in the European elections.

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