Heerenveen, after “intensive consultations” still with women’s football

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Heerenveen, after “intensive consultations” still with women’s football

03 may 2019 12:27
03-05-19 12:27
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Heerenveen will be next season yet, just playing in the Eredivisie Women. Last week, the Frisian club that the vrouwentak most likely would disappear, but after “intensive consultation” with, among others, the municipality and the KNVB, there is a solution found.

The Foundation for women’s Heerenveen saw because of the minimum financial resources, no future, and announced that Heerenveen Women after this season would withdraw from the Premier league.

The KNVB, sc Heerenveen, Sport Fryslân and the municipality of Heerenveen see now have enough perspective to continue with women’s football in the province of Friesland, provided a new foundation is established and a new board is formed.

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