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Filmarcheologie with James Bond and Gordon Gekko

32f22f49f19eb39a44b4cbf8b7523c31 - Filmarcheologie with James Bond and Gordon Gekko

Maybe you’re one of the those who persevere, who still hopes to have an exciting twist in ‘Tempation Island’. If not, these are our four tips for your televisieavond.


Q2, 20.35-22.50 hours

In 1962, turned Dr. No is the first bond film. The budget was limited, the marketing campaign small. But the public caught on eagerly: the cocktail of sex, violence and cynical humor fell right in the taste. To The Youth of Today, to quote: “and the rest is history’.


One, 0.30-2.05 pm

Four Aborignalvrouwen be discovered by a talentenjager. They form a muziekgroepje. And so it’s happy, sung and danced in this Australian musicalcomedy by Wayne Blair, who is based loosely on the story of the same name by Australian girl group from the 60s.


VTM, 23.40-1.35 pm

Yet what filmarcheologie on television. Michael Douglas crept 32 years ago in the skin of the ruthless beursspeculant Gordon Gekko and won an Oscar.


Canvas, 20-20.25 hours

In the west of China to sit for one to two million Uyghurs detained in closed centres. That heropvoedingskampen or ‘trade schools’? A story of Stefan Blommaert in Xinjiang. Studio guest is Claudio Francavilla of Human Rights Watch.


Canvas, 20.25-21.05 hours

Ivan De Vadder talks with N-VA-president Bart De Wever, Liesbeth Van Impe, editor-in-chief of The Newspaper, and a columnist Rik Van Cauwelaert. They talk about the book of The Weaver, the affordability of the proposals of the socialists and the bilan of the government.

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