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Facebook’s crypto entry is finally taking shape – Coin Hero

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Facebook’s crypto entry is finally taking shape

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Matthias Nemack –

Long did it take to the Social Media platform finally news of the planned Coin. It is a Stablecoin.

Facebook Coin – Waiting for Details could end

So far, there were among the other big banks, such as the US giant JP Morgan, which took the entry in the crypto market with a private Coin. Even there, it was like the decision in favour of a stable coins that is tied to the rate of the US dollar. It was discussed whether the JPM Coin Ripple could make a competition. In the case of Facebook latest messages say the same thing. Also, there will be a Dollar-coupling. At least as important as the message information from the environment of the company to a private Blockchain-based payment system, there also will come. Many Users were curious, but also skeptical whether the project would really be implemented.

Project Libra to establish itself as a payment model

A direct Bitcoin competitor or Alternative to Litecoin, Ethereum, and other tokens will be the currency due to its link to the Dollar. The payment model will hear the name “Project Libra”. Interesting in the messages to the announced System, the discussions on possible partnerships are with safety for potential users. Certainly, the participation of the well-known company, First Data seems to be good. Furthermore, the credit card providers are Mastercard and Visa, with which the developers are currently in. Such partnerships would be for some skeptics, unquestionably, of the important signals that can speak for the use of the system.

Facebook users can apparently collect with advertising Coins

That Facebook relies on a Stablecoin, is explained not least against the Background of the recent substantial fluctuations in the price of many Cryptocurrencies. This volatility is to avoid Marc Zuckerberg and his Team. Was known currently by the way, that the newly developed Coin could be found, for example, also in the context of an advertising-and-reward model, use. Facebook users who are watching on the platform, advertising, should be with Coins rewarded. After the repeated controversies surrounding the use of customer data with Facebook safe and secure environment, and such extra incentives are an important contribution to the Trust equal to the upcoming market launch.

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