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Coucke paid 20 million to brokers

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Marc Coucke will compete with the brokers, but has a lot of work.

No club in Belgium to pay more to brokers than Anderlecht. Over the past four years it went to a whopping 40 million, of which € 13 million in the current season. That is the year I of Marc Coucke with purple, white and so does the billionaire is not better than that of his predecessors, Roger Vanden Stock, and Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven.

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Of course, built Anderlecht after the war a new team with a whopping 37 in – and outgoing transfers. That brings first and foremost, a mountain brokerage. In addition, there were also large contracts – such as that of Trebel – renewed, whatever the cost even more opdreef.

Flung money? At Anderlecht they point also to the huge commissions from the past that still need to be paid. When the duo Coucke-Devroe arrived, turned out to Mogi Bayat is still an outstanding invoice of € 3 million. Real estate agent Christophe Henrotay had right at 5.5 million after the transfer of Tielemans and when Dendoncker was sold, region Henrotay even more than 4 million. All negotiated by the old board. Okay, some parts were already paid for, but left and right still a slice of 300.000 euro for the other managers and then running quickly. Marc Coucke had to pay for it.

All the businessman to advertise itself as a white knight. At KV Oostende last season under his reign 7 million issued to managers. There are the excuses Proto, Lombaerts, Marusic and especially Dimata. That was bought for 500,000 euros of Standard and for € 11.5 million sold to Wolfsburg. Oostende held there, net 8,125 million because of the estate agent Didier Frenay had the right to 25% of the value (2.5 million) and the family Dimata also received 1 million euros.

3.5 million fixed in the nothing so, had already Dimata without commissions never KVO played and the club had subsequently never as much as it can earn. That is also the argument Of leuven luc van wassenhoven in the case of Williams, who eventually, 25 million euro was sold.

Another approach

Coucke is trying now to do otherwise. Anderlecht has now a principle, which, on average, 10 percent of the gross salary of the player as a commission to his broker, pays. That was already the case with the transfers of, among others, Milic, Didillon and Cobbaut. The following years will show whether that approach works. Marc Coucke itself did not respond to our request for an explanation.

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