Coronation of the Thai king: things that you should know

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This weekend is going to be Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun (66), king of Thailand was crowned. A unique event, both for many Thais and travelers who are in Bangkok.

After almost two years of mourning for his in October 2016 late father, king Bhumibol Adulyadej, Maha Vajiralongkorn, this weekend officially king is crowned. After his father, king Rama IX, is Vajiralongkorn king Rama X. He is the tenth member of the Chakri dynasty to be king since Rami I ascended the throne in 1782.

The ceremony will take place from 4 to 6 may. Hm, one of the longest reigning heads of state, was since the 1950’s to the power, and so it is for a large part of the very royalist Thai the first time that the coronation will be ours. It is also expected that about 200,000 people to Bangkok will be reduced.

The ceremony includes both Hindu and Buddhist rituals that are centuries to be carried out. The most important part is the bathing ritual. Vajiralongkorn will be a purifying bath, with holy water from five rivers and four lakes on his head is cast while a fanfare of drums, trumpets, and on the background of traditional Thai music resounds.

The main part of the ceremony will take place behind closed doors in the famous Grand Palace in Bangkok, but everything is also broadcast live on television and the internet, and everyone can participate to the celebrations. Most people will congregate at Sanam Luang, a field that is adjacent to the palace. Visitors are asked to dress appropriately, and yellow to wear, the color of the day on which the king was born:: Monday.

Since Thursday is already the public transport in Bangkok towards the Grand Palace for free, and this weekend, there will also not need to be paid for train and boat connections to the area. More info about transportation can be found on the website of the Thai government. The Thai tourist authority warns that in some areas public transport is disrupted can get through the festivities.

All the festivities will take place in the City, the ‘Old town’ of Bangkok where many hotels, restaurants and bars are located. There will be more than 30 roads closed , and everyone is therefore advised to use the public transport to use. Next to the Grand Palace will also the National Museum and many other museums and attractions are closed until the 7th of may. Outside the City everything remains open.

Around Sanam Luang will public toilets be placed. There will also be furnished to rest, and there would be free food and water to be handed out to the visitors.

The schedule for the ceremonieweekend:

May 4: On this official kroningsdag find the most important rituals take place, such as the bathing ritual. Afterwards, he takes place on an octagonal throne, and he gets under a white umbrella with nine ribs, as a symbol of the royal power. Afterwards, the prince himself crowns with 7.3 kilograms of weight, and two-centuries-old crown, made of gold and set with diamonds.

5 may: On the day of the public procession of the king to 16.30 hours around the royal palace in borne, where he stops at three major temples: Wat Bovoranives, What Rajabopidh and Wat Phra Chetuphon. In addition, the population can greet him.

6 may: On this national holiday will be the king the people to 16.30 greetings from a balcony at the Grand Palace. Sanam Luang will be in the afternoon, the celebrations begin. There is a fireworks light and sound show with drones planned:

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