Catholic church in Italy takes over 600 refugees on

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Italy has agreed to 600 asylum seekers, which is currently still in Ethiopia, Niger or Jordan to live. The catholic church will be responsible for their care.

The Italian bishops ‘ conference will be Friday, an agreement with the ministry of the Interior to sign on the implementation of the humanitarian corridor. That has the initiator of the Community of Sant’egidio communicated.

The agreement allows the six hundred people in a safe and legal way to Italy travel. As a result, their fate is not in the hands of people smugglers and no life-threatening crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to take.

The 600 asylum seekers would in the course of the next few weeks by plane to Italy to be transferred. They will, with the financial resources of Sant’Egidio and the catholic church, among others, language courses and other forms of support.

On the basis of similar agreements, Italy had already about 1,600 asylum seekers from Lebanon, and 500 from Ethiopia with them. The competent minister, the extreme right-wing politician Matteo Salvini, however, known as a hardliner on immigration. But he emphasized no opponent of migration, providing that it is strictly regulated.

The christian lekengemeenschap Sant’Egidio has also in Belgium a humanitarian corridor set up for refugees from Syria. But that cooperation is now felomstreden by possible tampering with the distribution of humanitarian visas by Mechels N-VA-councillor Melikan Kucam. Sant’Egidio has made it clear that it is anything to do with those illegal practices.

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