Belgian survives plane crash in Canada

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A Belgian pilot in Canada was affected by a plane crash. The British passenger of the sporttoestel did not survive the crash, as reported in Canadian media.

The 47-year-old pilot and his British passenger were Wednesday morning in a single-engine aircraft from Goose Bay moved to Greenland. On the east coast of Canada, at the height of the Labrador peninsula, collapsed down the plane in mountainous area near Makkovik.

The Belgian pilot injured but the emergency services immediately. With his communications equipment he continued, however, to keep in touch.

A search and rescue team of nine people succeeded after a journey of seventy miles, with snowmobiles in Wednesday night reach them. The last 500 meters uphill, they had to foot bridge.

The weather could Thursday morning until a helicopter on the spot. The 73-year-old British passenger was unconscious. According to a spokesperson of the Canadian armed forces, he is to the consequences of the crash died.

The Belgian, whose identity has not been disclosed, was seriously wounded and is in hospital in Happy Valley-Goose Bay provided. “The pilot is quite surprised that he has survived. He could not stop us to thank, ” says Barry Andersen, the mayor of Makkovik and coordinator of the search.

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