Wortegemsen Feesten grab it out firmly

1c8421669f5422c5a5c1109557af5d62 - Wortegemsen Feesten grab it out firmly

On 19 may, in the town of Wortegem a penalty vedettenparade place. With one artist from the region (Kate Lane) and top acts Laura Lynn, Yves Segers, Sam Gooris, Wim Soutaer & Charles Van Domburg, Swoop and David Vandyck is a well-filled afternoon that about 14 hours of start will go in the tent to the Processiestraat. For whom there is still not enough, there is still the afterparty with DJ Daddy Cool. There will also be some Studio 100 figures in the area, including Pow Patrol, Mega Mindy and Bumba.

That afternoon in the village o.a. also a oldtimermeeting, flea market, and many street performers along the Street.

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