Woman dies in riots in Venezuela

e5c622585306d0810a6c72b24c160063 - Woman dies in riots in Venezuela

Venezuela stood Wednesday under intense pressure. Opposition leader Juan Guaidó try the pressure on president Nicolás Maduro and called for a military revolt. It left a 27-year-old woman’s life.

The woman died Wednesday evening in the hospital after she is shot in the head by a bullet. They came on the street during a demonstration against Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. That leaves a human rights organization know.

“We condemn the murder of the young Jurubith Rausseo’, let the ngo Observatorio Venezolano de Conflictividad Social on Twitter know.

Failed putsch

The putsch of Guaidó against president Maduro, however, failed. That last retains the support of the army. It remains unclear how serious the threat to Maduro was, and to what extent the protests will continue. The soldiers who responded to Guaidó’s call to walk across, afraid now of reprisals. That happened already in February, after Guaidó to the border with Colombia in vain had tried to get a convoy with relief supplies in Venezuala to get inside. The family of the deserted soldiers were subsequently intimidated.

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