WikiLeaks founder Assange fights extradition to the US to

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Julian Assange (47), the founder of Wikileaks, continues his extradition to the United States challenge it. He said that during a hearing before a court in London.

“I’m not on a voluntary basis to deliver to the US as a journalist who has won many accolades and a lot of people protected,” said Assange, according to the British news agency PA.

The US is accusing Assange of conspiring with klokkenluidster Chelsea Manning. Manning was WikiLeaks that time as Bradley Manning, hundreds of thousands of secret us military documents passed. It was about U.s. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Only Wednesday was Assange in London up to 50 weeks ‘ imprisonment sentenced for years of violating borgtochtverplichtingen and evading the police. He was in 2012 to the Ecuadorian embassy fled after he in vain had tried his extradition to Sweden to stop. There was a investigation against him on charges of rape. The research is now discontinued.

Assange has always maintained that the allegations in Sweden only a pretext to him to be able to deliver to the US. He had in 2010 put at the disposal of the police, but was out on bail, again released.

Picked up

On 11 april, Assange eventually arrested, after the government in Quito were granted asylum in the embassy in London had withdrawn. For a long time had the American judicial authorities have not confirmed whether there is an indictment against Assange would be submitted. But now, the fear can quickly be verified: on 30 may the next hearing on the role.

Swiss asylum

Meanwhile, we have twenty-some Swiss lawyers and other advocates demanded that their country is Julian Assange granted asylum. They launched Thursday a call to the government in Bern with forty signatures.

Assange can be no fair trial in the USA expect, write the signatories of the Swiss initiative. He is, according to them, threatened with torture and possibly the death penalty. He is an investigative journalist, supporter of war crimes to the light. “His arrest is not only a violation of the freedom of the press, but in the light of the impending penalties -torture and the death penalty – the de facto reintroduction of the censorship’, they write.

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