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The first German Bitcoin ATM finally come

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Matthias Nemack –

Long Bitcoin Fans had to wait, now for the first time are also bought in Germany Bitcoin ATMs in selected cities.

Envious glances abroad soon unnecessary?

German tourists spend the holidays in neighbouring countries such as Austria and Switzerland, with the sight are often already familiar: In some cities of the said countries, consumers in the enjoyment of a special power: you can buy from the vending machine Bitcoin and convenient to pay in Euro. Also internationally, especially in countries of South America, interested parties can refer to the Bitcoin and some other Coins like Ethereum or Litecoin isolated on cryptographic machines. Alone, in Germany, did little in this regard for a long time. The reason is the complicated rights situation, the potential suppliers so far, were restrained by fear. Finally, the success of move-hungry Start-ups are reluctant to in legal grey zones.

Court opens the sector to new opportunities

But now, things are finally – at least in some major German cities, and, as expected, especially the metropolises of the country. Berlin, Hamburg and Essen are in the first step, on the list of service providers who have opted now for the Start of the automata-based Bitcoin sales. This is made possible, according to many industry experts, is primarily a judgment of the chamber court of Berlin from the autumn of 2018. The court came to the conclusion that the Bitcoin trade is not a Crime, in addition, the sale cannot be set with services of the traditional banking sector. So there is no need for a Bank with a license and regulation by the German financial Supervisory authority BaFin.

The legal need for improvement remains

The real Problem is the question of the necessary regulation is not clarified, there is still a long officially. Furthermore, it is unclear who (BaFin, Bundesbank, etc.) is at all the responsibility. Here it needs to be around to trade with Bitcoin and Alternatives from Ripple to Zcash finally, uniform Standards and a clear direction of the Federal government. The government is working at least for some time on a Blockchain strategy. For the vending machine operator, this would be just in the context of the expansion of its newly-launched network is of great importance. To the PLC network moves to eye-level with the Service in Austria, it will take but probably quite a long time. There, citizens can purchase, namely, even in branches of the Post crypto-currencies.

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