Teachers in Florida may soon be armed to teach

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In the U.s. state of Florida teachers will soon be armed for the class. The very controversial measure was Wednesday approved by the parliament.

The new law is intended to in the future shootings in schools to avoid, such as that in the high school in Parkland where in February last year 17 people by an ex-student were shot. The text was Wednesday in the Chamber of Deputies approved with 65 votes for and 47 against. Earlier also gave the Senate already green light.

Teachers may, from now on a voluntary basis, a weapon to carry in the classroom. They must, however, first a course of 144 hours to follow with a weapon to learn to deal with.

Opponents of the measure denounced that the increasing gun violence cannot be solved by more firearms. They warn for accidents now teachers suddenly a police responsibility given and, in the presence of real police officers, erroneously regard could be a dangerous shooter. ‘The arming of teachers is asking for a tragedy’, according to the Democratic politician and ex-police chief of Orlando, Val Demings. ‘The real solution is to ensure that weapons from the wrong hands, ” she says.

It was the American president Donald Trump, who after the shooting in Parkland, had offered to teachers in the United States a weapon. He wanted to at the same time, do not know of a ban on assault rifles, a particularly deadly type of weapon by the perpetrator of the massacre was used.

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