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Ripple works with one of the largest money transfer service provider

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Ripple works with one of the largest money transfer service provider

Home News Ripple is working with one of the largest money transfer service provider

Marcel Knobloch –

The American Startup Ripple already has a large network of partners, which now has over 200 collaborations. More and more companies recognise the opportunities of Ripple’s software solutions are available for any type of business. The latest partnership was signed with one of the world’s largest money transfer firm.

Ripple with Ria, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwirde, a partnership. Ria will use xCurrent, Ripples global Blockchain network of over 200 financial institutions in connection and to process cheap, fast and secure transactions. With enterprise software solution xCurrent banks cross-border payments can process to low fees and an End-to-End Tracking in real time. Ripple will also be able to take advantage of the Digital Integrated Payments Cloud of Ria, a global Fintech Ecosystem to make the traditional payment system step-by-step superfluous. Already at dere speech of the “Earnings Call” in the first quarter of 2019 of Euronet Worldwide, stressed the Chairman of the Board Michael Brown Ripple and its possibilities (freely translated):

We use our technology to assist the parties to disrupt the more traditional players, by providing you with state of the art technology, and instant access to our far-reaching physical network, the structure of which would take from the ground for years to come.

We have signed an agreement with Ripple, the Ripple allows you to access Rias of global physical and digital presence, and communicate Ria-customers also offers the possibility, with Ripples network that includes about 200 financial institutions worldwide.

Ria counts customers in more than 155 countries and supported 377.000 locations. Money transfers are carried out with a value of over 40 billion USD. This should run through the use of Ripples technology faster, cheaper and more transparent. Marcus Treacher, Ripples, Senior Vice-President, that Ria is one of the largest players in the financial industry and of the closed partnership that both sides clearly benefit (freely translated):

Ria is one of the leading money transfer companies in the industry with the second largest network in the world, and for its world-class Service. By the accession of RippleNet Ria not only enhances our value chain for our partners, but also improves furthermore, the transfer times and costs for customers and companies.

The difference between xCurrent and xRapid is that xCurrent is using the native Token of Ripple, XRP,. Nevertheless, the adaptation of the Ripple and the chance of the Blockchain technology will be driven forward.

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