Putin signs law to Russian internet to isolate

5131b41f29e71d37d692ad3a0bc76904 - Putin signs law to Russian internet to isolate

Russian president Vladimir Putin has a law signed up to the internet in Russia to isolate it from the rest of the world. All Russian internet traffic will be from the first about the servers in their own country.

According to the government, that the law Wednesday published, should be the measure to protect the nation against cyber-attacks from other countries or a global failure of the internet theft. On 1 november the measure of strength.

Critics see in the law a way of the government to its control of the internet to increase. Via the isolated network – also known as the ‘digital Iron Curtain’ – it is easier for the government to censor and internet traffic to monitor and the more difficult restrictions to work around. The telecomwaakhond Roskomnadzor will also get more powers to intervene.

At the beginning of march had in Russia yet thousands of people against the law argued. Still got the text quite smoothly – after three readings by the parliament.

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