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On dating is no age

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Is there an age on dating? That examines Julianne Moore dancing in ‘Gloria Bell. Is there a age on acting? That explores the Flemish documentary ‘Third act’. The best films now in the cinema, selected by our filmrecensent Jeroen Struys.


Third act

Theatre: life as it is.

The one time actor Leo De Beul on the scene a disturbed man to play; the other he calls with his wife, who is admitted to a health care facility. Filmmakers Lotte Stoops and Mieke Struyve followed the actors of the theatre company Peeping Tom for a penalty documentary.

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Spiegelpaleis is evil.

No one ever thought that the director of ‘Get out’ of a onehitwonder. With ‘Us,’ affirms Jordan Peele to its status as a stylish horrorfilmer, which is just as many laughs as shudder as you think. After an hour of ‘Us’ already enough amazing things shown to all with credits. But then it should really take off. You will never be in the same way listening to ‘I got 5 on it’.

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At eternity’s gate

Vincent Van Gogh.

There is no stop to Willem Dafoe as Vincent van Gogh, the painter whose talent is a blessing and a curse. His surroundings looked especially eccentric. A biopic so intense that the paint almost can smell it.

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Gloria Bell

On dating is no age.

Movie fans know the Chilean director Sebastián Lelio of clever dramas as ” Una mujer fantástica’ and ‘Disobedience’, his English language debut with actresses Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams. To continue to break through in the American market, he now has his own, great, Chilean film ‘Gloria’ again turned – this time with the magnificent Julianne Moore in the lead role. A delicious film about a woman who, ten years after her divorce again dating stores.

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To survive in Moscow.

Behind the bling of Moscow, is a grim world of illegal employment in hiding. Millions of people from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan struggle for a better life. This film focuses on one of them: Ayka, a woman who has her newborn baby in the stitch allows to chickens to feathers.

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