Ocam: ‘Video Al-Baghdadi concern, but is no game changer

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After five years of absence popped up IS-leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi again in a video. “That is a stunt, but no wonder to us,” says Paul Of Tigchelt, director of the Ocam, to Radio 1. Al-Baghdadi named after a fallen Belgian. ‘That is in line with our information.’

The director of the antiterreurdienst Ocam says in The Morning on Radio 1 that the video of Al-Baghdadi seen and analyzed.

‘If it is effective to Al-Baghdadi, it is a real stunt. He is already five years not seen,’ says Van Tichelt. According to the director, wants, IS, as the supporters mobilize, also in our country. “The video worries, but it surprises us not. It is not a game changer, because it fits in their strategy.’ The message of the video was clear, Al-Baghdadi vows revenge for the fall of his caliphate and praises the terrorists of Sri Lanka. Al-Baghdadi urges his followers in western Africa on the fight against the French.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi mentioned in his video, but also the names of fallen captains, among whom the Belgian Abu Yasir al-Belgiki. It is unclear to whom exactly. “We do not work with Koenja (Arabic personal names, n.v.d.r), but if we are talking about the same person, we knew already that he had died, ” says Paul Van Tichelt, director of the Ocad.

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