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Newsflash: Bitcoin-Tether-Correlation, Isolation Ethereum Blockchain

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Newsflash: Bitcoin-Tether-Correlation, Isolation Ethereum Blockchain

Home News Newsflash: Bitcoin-Tether-Correlation, Isolation Ethereum Blockchain

Marcus Misiak –

The Bitcoin bull Tom Lee has spoken out again about the current state of the crypto market. In his latest Tweet he said that the current bad news all around, Tether and its alleged indictment had no significant influence on the development of the Bitcoin exchange rate as well as of the whole market. This is a clear sign that the bear market is over. In the middle of last year, such News would have immediately led to a fear of liquidation, so that the market would have yielded, in total, Lee.

The heated debate actually had no large influence on the current market situation. However, this is no guarantee that the supposedly-pending process shows still impact on the crypto market. Lee announced, in an Interview to CNBC 7 reasons why the price of Bitcoin in the near time will increase. The supposed reasons for this, among other things, the Bitcoin Halving, the high volume of trade, the positive Bitcoin Misery Index Fund are, in his opinion, acted as a significant increase in OTC trading.

Rumors: Samsung working on Ethereum-based Blockchain

According to rumors, the electronics giant Samsung, the development of an own Blockchain into consideration, which is accompanied by a Token. The new Token is, for the time being on the Ethereum block Chain, before it is later to be on its own Blockchain migrated. CoinDesk Korea reported that Samsung plans to bring its own Blockchain on the market, based on Ethereum. Anonymous reports from lead (freely translated):

Currently, we are thinking of private Blockchain, although this is not confirmed yet. It could be in the future is a public Blockchain, but I think it will be a Hybrid, i.e. a combination of public and private Blockchains. The market expects Samsung Coin, but the direction is not yet established.

Samsung itself has not, as yet, of any comments. The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a built-in Wallet for Ethereum, so Samsung has thus clearly shown that they are the crypto-market is positive, and to go with the Trend of the time seem. The company has recently invested 2.9 million USD in the Hardware Wallet manufacturer Ledger.

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