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More stewards in football stadiums following incidents Standard-Anderlecht

83dd9a3af6ce16528ed4706d16835bf5 - More stewards in football stadiums following incidents Standard-Anderlecht

The number of stewards in the football stadiums going up from one per 300 supporters to one per 250 supporters. That says Interior minister Pieter De Crem, after a consultation with the Football federation and the Pro League.

The match Standard-Anderlecht had on april 12, early shut down after the supporters of Anderlecht flares and smoke bombs on the field had thrown. Anderlecht was punished with a forfaitnederlaag, 5,000 euro fine and a match behind closed doors.

To prevent new incidents wants, Pieter De Crem, the number of stewards increased to one per 250 supporters. The Royal Decision would be even before the start of the new season, at the end of July, should apply. There will also be additional training for the stewards. ‘Starting this year, they are trained in ‘profiling’, criminal preparation in an early stage to discover”, says The Crem. They also get an additional training in access control, with particular attention to the detection of ‘pyrotechnic means, such as fireworks. On 1 June, the voetbalcel an extra day of training with the veiligheidsverantwoordelijken from the competitions 1A and 1B.

‘The use of pyrotechnic means and the throwing of beer don’t belong in a stadium, ” says Peter Bossaert, secretary-general of the Football association (belgian football association). “We hope that we can work quickly, and the strict punishment of people who to this catch. We need to give them the access to the stadium to deny it.’

Bossaert wants to emulate the English league. ‘Fireworks is not necessary to have a good atmosphere to create. In England you can see that never more, and that are the most atmospheric stadiums in the world. I also look in his own bosom: we need to communicate better around pyrotechnic means. 98 percent of the supporters has it in there hard or is there even a victim of it.”

Pierre François, ceo of the Pro League, stands behind the measures. ‘Next season there is a reward for the club with the most innovative project in the fight against pyrotechnic means, ” he says.

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