Michel Van den Brande bites off

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Last week was a businessman Michel Van den Brande a lot of criticism on statements that he had done in the Dutch tv-program ‘even extremely rich, so Poor’. The Sky Is The Limit-face and his girlfriend Sofie exchanged for a week of accommodation with the Dutch single mother of Jeanette and her two children. It went not only to a change of home but also of household expenditures. Michel and Adam, had all of a sudden, with less than 75 euros per week, while the poor Dutch family plots of 2,000 euros a week’s time was allowed to spend.
During the recordings showed She understood that she the house of the poor family is messy and that she is at her home, no other people would allow. A lot of Dutch viewers took offense to these statements. On the social media got Sofie and Michel a storm of criticism about quite, although there were also a lot of positive reactions. In the meantime, the negative words of Sofie and Michel also in the Flemish media magnified and that regrets Michel. “Sorry , now I must respond,” says he Thursday, of wal. “We have the film crew asked for that clip is not on tv broadcast. Our disappointment when we made the house entered was very large”, Michel Van den Brande further. And he immediately provides an example of what he got: “the bucket with dirty water was still there with the brush next to it.” It happens to everyone sometimes but if you have guests in your home will receive, should you still expect to get everything in good order, thought Sofie and Michel. “The girls of the crew had also never experienced , sorry but a clean has nothing with the rich and the poor,” responds the businessman.

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