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Michaël R. Roskam films ‘the wrong future’

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The successor of ‘Bullhead’, ‘The drop’ and ‘Le fidèle’ is not a mini-series about Sylvia ‘Emmanuelle’ Kristel, or an American movie about Blackwater, but it is ‘the wrong future’. That short film directed by Michaël R. Roskam in command of 11.11.11.

Jan Decleir plays a grandfather in 2043, who by his granddaughter (as Romy Louise Lauwers) to the tooth is felt: why did he side against the klimaatactivisten? The consequences for the family and the …

Jan Decleir plays a grandfather in 2043, who by his granddaughter (as Romy Louise Lauwers) to the tooth is felt: why did he side against the klimaatactivisten? The consequences for the family, and the world are enormous – ‘Bruges is again by the sea’, it sounds.

With the film (you can find the film here) wants 11.11.11 explicitly climate top of the agenda less than three weeks from the elections, says Els Dukes, deputy director. The previous director, Bogdan Vanden Berghe, stepped at the beginning of this year to be in politics, in Green.

Roskam is not the most obvious choice as a director: he is a self-proclaimed ‘petrolhead’ who loves fast cars racing on the circuit of Zolder. His last film, ‘Le fidèle’, played himself in the world of auto racing. And I eat like a nice piece of meat’, admits Roskam.

You are on the side of the klimaatactivisten?

“I am too much part of the problem in order to klimaatactivist to be. But like many compatriots I also feel that something is not right and that something must be done. I don’t bother me all longer on the right and wrong between the klimaatactivisten and the so-called realists. The question is not: who is right? The question is: on whose side I want to stand when they are wrong? What regrets do I like?’

“Imagine: your son is struggling with a nasty cough. One doctor says: it is a chronic lung disease, you should this and do about it. The other says: oh, it’s just a flu, that goes without saying. What do you do as a parent? Just wait and see till it disappear automatically? Beware, I say here is not that people with flu as a precaution chemo. But suppose that the klimaatactivisten over a few decades are wrong, then what would be the problem? That we what too many windmills have been built?’

The film Was carbon neutral? The Flemish Audiovisual Fund, is advocating.

‘Em, I don’t think so. But we have the whole short film, it for about twelve minutes, in one day, time turned. That is, at least, still sparingly worked.’

A director if you are flying too much for the job?

“The past two years, much less. That is also due to the family situation, I want enough for my son. I’m also much less on vacation. My air miles are scuttled. But hey, I’m not a hardcore environmentalist.

You state not really known as a political filmmaker. It doesn’t feel awkward to now to want to weigh on the politics?

‘Oh, no, directors have a big ego, who have an opinion on everything. Usually I keep that opinion for me, I’m not on social media. But I think of my son, of nine years. If it turns out that the desire for reassurance is detrimental to its future than I am willing to do what is less reassuring. Not everything comes naturally good. A bike is not by itself law: everything takes work. We can’t rest on our laurels, life is not a constant scale. If I as a filmmaker and citizen can contribute to the debate, please. I hope the film contributes to nuance.’

You’re not the new Ken Loach?

‘Never say never. I am looking for a form of realism. Previously, all my stories are fictional, but now I have a new interest for real-life stories, that I than as exciting as possible, they want to tell.’

Like your film about ‘Blackwater’ and the biographical series about Sylvia Kristel, who has been previously announced. Which project do you tackle first?

‘It is not yet clear what comes first. There I still have two irons in the fire, where I no more can lose. I like topics to address where people are in the first instance, a bright, categorical opinion about: for or against. That contrast, I want to look like kneading. I like to be polarizing topics of their complexity to give back. It is not all black or white.’

How to run the scenario about the Kristel series?

“Dimitri Verhulst writes the scenario, I give especially feedback. His screenplay for the film was good, we had to make too much out of it. To her life is real honour to do it, you have a series need. A movie make of it, would be a caricature.”

“I look forward to again with actress Sylvia Hoeks working. The project left in her: she came up with idea to make the life of Sylvia Kristel to film them and they got to me and Dimitri Verhulst. Both Dimitri as I had our doubts, until we learn more about her started to read. There’s so much to talk about, especially for today. The woman, who, nota bene on the basis of a certain degree of sexual emancipation of the wife, made in her own life behind the scenes, just a lot of other things with it. The irony of it. They today would be a #MeToo-icon have been.”

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