Luk Alloo camp to school

b2a9041710741f2189d5c4f09022bc72 - Luk Alloo camp to school

In Mechelen put Luk Alloo is in a group of young parents who are there for 11 days camping to a place to send their children to school. It takes more than a week before they are actually able to enroll. “It is too foolish for words. You have 24h on 24h remain sitting, otherwise you lose.” The group represents four families and sleep in tents and a caravan. The reactions of the neighbors are divided. The ones offer help, the others call the police for noise…

Luk goes on a visit to a Maldegemse potato farmer that plenty of potatoes to harvest. They do that at night as soon as possible, to be able to deliver to the frietproducenten. Together with his wife and three sons is hard at work in the short term the potatoes to sort and wash. Here there is no Farmer seeks Wife to come, but a farmer’s wife that her farmer has chosen, because they were from a farming family came and someone was looking out of the sector: “And he was a good swinging!”.

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