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John McAfee’s world’s first crypto-visa card in 90 days available – Coin Hero

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John McAfee’s world’s first crypto-visa card in 90 days

Home News John McAfee’s world’s first crypto-visa card in 90 days

Leonie Zeumer –

The Visa-crypto-map to the 2020 U.S. presidential candidates should be at the end of July ready-to-use, McAfee yesterday.

Except for a daily spending limit of 2000 US dollars, is to work on the map without limitations, and usable everywhere where Visa is accepted.

“I hope that before the end of the summer, all crypto owners have this card and use it so that my hard work has paid off,“ said McAfee.

At the time, you can charge the card only with a Bitcoin coins. The balance will be uploaded with the QR Barcode on the back of the card by scanning it with the crypto-wallet.

The card can then be used for shopping used. Just like any other visa card, convert them to local currency.

Once the card is officially on the market, McAfee will forward via his Twitter account, customers to a login page where you can apply for a visa card with details of address and name.

To install as a response to the news of the car manufacturer Jaguar land Rover, which provides for IOTA wallet in their future cars, tweeted McAfee:

“This is only the beginning my friends.”

He said: “I expect that every car manufacturer will make before the end of this year, crypto wallets for cars.”

To says, of the opinion that the Bitcoin-ended Hype to 2010, he was nonsense.

“We are still at the beginning of the crypto-period.”

The entrepreneur believes in privately traded coins such as Monero and Apollo. You are the ultimate winner in the future of crypto currency with less transparent business transactions.

“Privately traded coins can not lose, you will make up the largest percentage of transactions in the future. How come’, or do I misunderstand the human nature completely,“ he added.

His candidacy for the U.S. presidency in 2020 will be fiercely debated, since it is known that McAfee is currently being investigated by the IRS.

“I admire President Trump for a series of his talents. But I’m not running against President Trump. I’m running only. I want access to the national stage as a platform for my Agenda.”

With the great support in the crypto Community and the almost 1 million followers on Twitter, promises the release of McAfee’s the first Visa-crypto-map a large wave in the Bitcoin world.

Refugee McAfee, who is currently stranded in Cuba and on repair parts for his boat from the USA, waiting, planning his trip to Jamaica continued.

By Leonie Zeumer

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