Gert Verhulst and James Cooke going to The Battle to

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Last weekend, told Gert Verhulst on Radio 2 already that he together with James Cooke, a new program for FOUR. That program will be on FOUR. Last Saturday was the first recording, Wednesday, gave Gert Verhulst and James Cooke more details about that program. It comes to the program ‘The Battle’, a coproduction with the Dutch RTL. When the program on tv, it is not yet clear. Since the program this summer will be incorporated, it is likely that the broadcast this autumn, will be shown. In ‘The Battle’ Gert and James, and the challenge to play against two Dutch colleagues. ‘The Battle’ will be a show with Gert and James particularly difficult challenges. Each week will Gert and James are challenged by well-known Flemish and Dutch, so it will be again a clash between Belgium and the Netherlands. Tuesday we saw Gert Verhulst all stance / squat balance exercises to do on a tightrope to walk, James Cooke hung Wednesday night on a trapeze. The probability is high that those two in one of the broadcasts a few acrobatic stunts will have to withdraw. Have Gert and James about ‘dangerous stunts’. Gert and James are already looking forward to the pictures. “We look very much forward to it. It is hard, there are still zottere stunts”, to know Gert and James.
The program during the summer will be incorporated, means that it is also a busy summer will be for Gert and James. The duo gets tentative little chance of to enjoy a holiday. From 22 July to 23 August, Gert Verhulst in Plopsaland De Panne for the zomershows of Samson & Gert.

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