Family will become a victim of fake news

a1599813c28f8f1add3f32a7a37240de - Family will become a victim of fake news

According to a facebook group about the Family would be there Wednesday on a message appeared on a return of Hilde De Baerdemaeker (Liesbeth) in the Family. The message would be Wednesday evening at 22.55 hours appeared but we have that message at any time online. When our editorial board Wednesday, the screenshot under eyes got, we contacted VTM. The press office is normally perfectly aware of what the coming days, weeks and months in the Family will happen, but about a possible return of Hilde De Baerdemaeker knew nothing. Also in The Last News they fall out of the air when we them contact. The journalist with the initials DBJ has the message with the title “Hilde De Baerdemaeker (Liesbeth) makes a comeback in the Family” never made it. Even more, there is in the system of nothing to find on that post. We are no different than the slopes of fake news to follow. One of the fans of Family with Photoshop itself, a message is created, and that on the social media shared? It is the only possible slope.

The person who the message with fake news, commits, of course, criminal offences. He or she makes of the good name and reputation of a large krantenwebsite use to fake news of the world in the send. In addition, his message for a lot of confusion to the viewers of Family. Fortunately, there are a lot of reliable media, however, are so smart, news dubbelchecken and we take the fake news is not just about.

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