Daughter Margriet Hermans creaks under criticism

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Celien Deloof is the daughter of Margriet Hermans and the 26-year-old young lady took place in the autumn of 2018 the ‘best decision of her life’. Only is since been showered with criticism. And that is hard to…

In september underwent Celien gastric surgery to drastically lose weight. “I chose gastric sleeve surgery,” says the daughter of Margriet Hermans candid in All. The operation was a success but quickly learned Celien the other side know. The effect of the operation is stunning. Celien verloof more than 30 kg, and we can really speak of a success story. But despite the benefits there were also drawbacks to the surgery. Just like her mom Margriet Hermans, many years ago, also saw Celien her weight decrease and her quality of life increase after gastric surgery. But in the meantime, get Celien also a lot of crap about him. And that is hard to read in TV Family.

Celien testifies in TV Family what they all saw on social media. The criticism is very hard and begins psychologically by roads with Celien. “Nice and easy, such a surgery. Now go enjoy eating a lot, for sure. We will have to pay.” It is but an anthology of the harsh criticism that Celien had to endure. However, she had a noble goal in mind when she speaks of her surgery and talked. “I am with my story to have come out to peers to help,” says Celien Deloof. And the decision to have gastric surgery to undergo, there was also not from today to tomorrow…

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