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Cercle Brugge and coach Laurent Guyot convert the cooperation stop

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The roads of Cercle Brugge and coach Laurent Guyot separate. The association late Thursday to know that the cooperation with the French coach “with immediate effect” is stopped.

“The talks have shown that both parties have their future separately want to continue, considering that play-off 2 no new goal is more”, it sounds on the site of the team. “Cercle Brugge Laurent Guyot for their efforts and especially for the preservation of the Club in 1A.”

Cercle ended the regular season as the thirteenth. In group B of PO 2, the West-Flemish people shared third with seven points from six matches.

The 49-year-old Guyot followed in June last year, Frank Vercauteren. He was in the beginning of his trainersloopbaan four seasons beloftetrainer of FC Nantes. Then he went in the Ligue 1 as head coach to the battle of Boulogne-Sur-Mer, after which the Sedan followed in Ligue 2. Afterwards, he worked with the greatest French talents at the French national youth selections U16, and U17. Next, Guyot in 2015, director of the training centre of Toronto FC, a club playing in the Major League Soccer, where he was in January 2018 beloftecoach was. This feature, he changed in to be head coach of Cercle Brugge.

The club gave no further info about a new T1.

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