Astrid Coppens chops knot

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Astrid Coppens is now 7 months pregnant and so comes the birth ever closer. Normally will Astrid on 4 July to give birth and that she is doing in Belgium. That was already known, it is not for nothing that Astrid has been a long time in Belgium. In addition, Astrid already let them know that gave birth in the United States is an expensive affair and above all impersonal. In the American hospital choose gynaecologists for a caesarean and that is what Astrid, especially, does not want to.

Astrid Coppens was Wednesday night to see in Gert Late Night on FOUR. Attached Astrid that they are not in Los Angeles but in Ghent will be pleased. “It will be Belgian and American. In Belgium you can have a dual nationality, I still live officially in LA and Bram.” Astrid wants the warmth of the family feel, her parents also get their first grandchild and it is therefore particularly important for them. “It will be a girl. I have never been happier in my entire life , it is an incredible feeling to get that baby to feel kicking, that there is life in me to grow.”

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