US prepared for military intervention in Venezuela

793c9c20d5a94d31b17f855e2fc730c9 - US prepared for military intervention in Venezuela

The United States are prepared to militarily intervene in the conflict in Venezuela. That has the American minister of Foreign Affairs, Mike Pompeo, said during an interview with television channel Fox Business Network.

‘Military action is possible. If necessary, than will the United States do that, ” said Mike Pompeo. The foreign minister added, however, that he would prefer a peaceful machtsovergang would like in Venezuela.

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian minister of Foreign affairs, responded to all that further “aggressive steps” in Venezuela, the worst consequences it would have. Lavrov condemned the ‘interference’ of the united states in the domestic affairs of the South American country.

The situation in Venezuala is still unsettled. Thousands of demonstrators came this morning at all on the street, like in Caracas. That was also Juan Guaido a speech.


The self-proclaimed Venezuelan interim president Juan Guaido which is supported by the US – called out Tuesday in a video message, the population and soldiers on to him and president Nicolas Maduro the power to expel. Yesterday he repeated his call to manifest.

The Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has again, during a radio and televised speech of nearly an hour, and declares that the ‘putschistische skirmish of soldiers that are behind the opposition leader Juan Guaido had gathered over. The persons responsible will be subject to criminal penalties, did he know yet. It was the first time that Maduro was heard since avowed interim president Guaido Tuesday morning had called for the ‘last stage to the country to liberate’.

The president called the events a coup attempt. “This will not go unpunished. I have three attorneys indicated that all parties to the question, ” says Maduro.

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