Two penalty cases in Wetsdokters

a2631bf66273b88336deb11d2341e297 - Two penalty cases in Wetsdokters

Wetsdokters should always be ready because they never know when the parquet of them will call. Prof. dr. Jacobs: “It’s very frequent that someone is his partner after the day of death is to be found in the office or in bed. That also means that many of us work only in the course of the evening or night begins. As a law doctor, you know you are always called to be and where you should live.”

Prof. dr. Jacobs is called when a farmer with a strange discovery on the edge of his meadow. He meets a young 21.40 man in a weird position. The emergency services get there but they can only determine that the man died.
Prof. dr. Jacobs: “When I arrived, were still really too much suspicious and especially unexplained elements. The man lay in an unusual position and had no pants on.”
A sexual murder belongs to the possibilities. But something further away, they also have a prong that breaks off. Murder with a sexual motive, a murder with a prong, or is there something else going on?

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