Theresa May dismisses defense minister after leak around Huawei

3fd9447e1817123166ff4a50ed7a27ec - Theresa May dismisses defense minister after leak around Huawei

The British prime minister Theresa May has her minister of Defence, Gavin Williamson dismissed. Williamson would be information leaked about the role of the Chinese telecomreus Huawei in the rollout of a 5G network in Great Britain.

The Daily Telegraph released last week that the Uk national security council, prime minister Theresa May is chairing, had decided to use the Chinese technology giant, to allow infrastructure, such as antennas, to build for the rollout of a 5G network in Great Britain.

An embarrassing leak, because officially the United Kingdom of an investigation into Huawei and the ties the company has with the Chinese government. In addition, the details of the meeting, barely hours after the meeting out in the press, what the division of the government May once again painfully exposed. That British ministers confidential information leaking to the press is commonplace, but it rarely happens that there is also information comes out from highly sensitive meetings such as those of the national security council.

Immediately after the events, decided May a research on the issue to open. From this it would appear that the secretary of defense Gavin Williamson, the guilty party was. The premier wrote to Williamson on Wednesday a letter in which she asks him to step aside. Earlier in the day had the two already met. In her letter she says that there is ‘convincing evidence’ is for Williamsons participation in the case. In addition, he has ” not according to the same standard in the study worked as the others, says May. “There is no other credible version of the events to this leak to explain.’

Faithful ally

Williamson himself continues to deny that he’s sensitive information to the outside. The man is regarded as a loyal ally of May and was formerly leader for the Tories in the parliament.

He will be replaced by Penny Mordaunt, a former minister of International Development in the last months especially struck by her pro-Brexit-statements in the parliament.

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