Suspect pleads innocent after shooting at synagogue in California

357e932c557d9cd934a6d619ec235933 - Suspect pleads innocent after shooting at synagogue in California

The 19-year-old man accused of shooting four people in a synagogue in Poway, in the U.s. state of California, on Tuesday, for the first time before the judge appeared. He called in San Diego is not guilty of the charged criminal indictments.

John Earnest was shortly after the shooting picked up. In addition to murder him three attempts to murder, possession of firearms and arson charged laid. He would also fire to have founded a mosque on march 23 in Escondido, an act which he in a racist and anti-semitic pamphlet might have claimed. Because it is possible to hate crimes, you may be the man the death penalty is the risk.

Earnest is accused of Saturday believers to have taken in the Chabad house of worship in Poway during a service in honor of Pesach, the jewish spring festival. One 60-year-old woman was killed. In addition, became a rabbi, a believer and an 8-year-old child injured.

The accused listened during the short hearing impassively to the charges. According to the relatives of the accused the young man was a good student, but he is in the last few years radicalised. Earnest appears on may 30, again for the court.

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