Partner James Cooke has a big problem

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Dorian is already four years the partner of James Cooke. When they got to know each other was James still, a noble unknown, but that is already a little changed. And that is not always easy. Fortunately the fame of James gradually grown to realize Dorian. “It was never a strain on our relationship,” says Dorian in the Story, but since Gert Late Night is it was extremely. Gert Late Night means for Dorian that he, James, six weeks lost. “James has anyway always very busy days, but we see each other in the evening,” air Dorian his heart. “During Gert Late Night. I think that’s unfortunate.”

Dorian and James live in Antwerp so sometimes passes Dorian sometimes along the Evanna, but of course it is not. “James also likes that I’m there. But sometimes they are so busy that I immediately back away,” said Dorian. “Usually I wait for the text message from James that I can come,” says Dorian, who does not like to interfere when they are busy. Nevertheless, it is already greatly improved compared to the first seasons of Gert Late Night. “When was James really a wreck after a week on the boat. You could not be beginning.”

But Dorian, of course, leads a busy life. “I play in 40-45, soon to be in the musical Aladdin, and later on in the piece about the Titanic on the Donkmeer.” Because both James and Dorian such a busy agenda, they decided also to their desire to have children finally on to bergen. With pain in the heart. “With the life that we lead is that in any case is very difficult. We’d like to be a child of the two of us had, but that is not scientifically possible,” says Dorian.

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