Now all rioted at the 1 may demonstration in Paris

bb632bf62e9b4055c8a585f6b42f8649 - Now all rioted at the 1 may demonstration in Paris

In Paris the police used tear gas deployed, even for the 1 may demonstration of trade unions and Yellow bibs start. They argue there still against the policies of the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

As announced blow Yellow vests and trade unions in the French capital gather on the occasion of the first of may. The police warned yesterday that radical left-wing anarchists via social media called on today to take to the streets. It comes to the so-called ‘black bloc’, an independent and radical-anarchist movement

The police put tear gas into a group of masked protesters to disperse, reports news agency Reuters. A protester would have been injured to the head. Then threw some of the demonstrators a few projectiles in the direction of police.

All 88 persons were Wednesday morning arrested. More than 7.400 police officers will be Wednesday, deployed in the French capital. Around 13.15 pm, there were already more than 9,000 ‘preventive checks’ performed. The French president Emmanuel Macron had on Tuesday asked that hard would be taken against rioters.

The real 1 may-procession starts around 14.30 hours, in the Montparnasse district.

Also last year led to the may 1 demonstration on violent incidents between demonstrators and police. There were cars, shops, and several garbage cans on fire.


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