Mueller complained in a letter about summary of research report

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Special prosecutor Robert Mueller did in a letter to minister of Justice, William Barr complained about the summary of his report made. That writes The Washington Post Tuesday. The synthesis of four pages, distributed by the U.s. department of Justice, ‘took not quite the context and essence of the onderzoeksconclusies.

Mueller wrote the letter at the end of march, after minister Barr is a summary of the research report had been released. According to that synthesis the team of Mueller found no evidence of conspiracy between Russia and president Donald Trump or his entourage for the presidential elections of 2016.

The four pages, intended for the Congress, were, for weeks the only information available to the parliament and the public had until april 18, a custom version of the report came out.

“There is public confusion about the essential aspects of the research results. That brings up a central aim of my appointment by the ministry of Justice as a special prosecutor in danger: ensuring the trust by the public in the outcome of the research’, quotes The Washington Post from the letter.

The ministry of Justice wrote in the synthesis also that no decision could be taken on the question of whether the president during the investigation of conspiracy in the judicial process is obstructed. The entire document is 448 pages accuses Mueller of the president, but he calls him also not free.

From a strictly legal point should the president have already quit, the full report-Mueller will be a long time yet for the political fireworks concerned.

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