Maduro claims victory after the ‘putsch’

976af6a5fec8f291f72ec37ff824e051 - Maduro claims victory after the ‘putsch’

In a long televised address has Venezuelan president Maduro, the attempt of opposition leader Juan Guaidó to him to do to resign, convicted. According to Maduro, the skirmish is over. “The people responsible will be prosecuted.”

Self interim president Guaidó had Tuesday morning called for the final stage to the country to liberate’. When the protests fell yesterday, more than 100 wounded. According to the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo was Maduro yesterday at point to leave the country, but convinced Russia, him to stay.

Guaidó called on the Venezuelan population to also Wednesday on the streets. But in a speech on television chose Maduro for the flight ahead. He congratulated the army because it is ‘the small group that violence wanted to disseminate through this putschistische skirmish’ under control.

The president called the events a coup attempt. “This will not go unpunished. I have three attorneys indicated that all parties to the question, ” says Maduro. He was during the speech, flanked by among others the minister of Defense, general Vladimir Padrino.

According to the president, five soldiers and three police officers injured during the uprising. Maduro denied that he Venezuela would want to escape in the direction of Cuba.

In his own video message of Tuesday denied Guaidó that Maduro the support of the army would be maintained. He also speaks not about a coup, but about ‘peaceful rebellion’.

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